First, in 1991, the Women's Global Leadership Institute initiated the annual "16-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women". It lasts for 16 days, starting from November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women, to December 10, the International Human Rights Day.

INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS anniversaries during the campaign:

  • November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Girls
  • On November 25, men unite against violence against women and organize "White Ribbon Day".
  • November 29 is International Women Human Rights Defenders Day
  • December 01 is International AIDS Day
  • December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • December 5 is International Volunteer Day
  • December 10 is International Human Rights Day

16-day campaign to combat gender-based violence in Mongolia:

In Mongolia, since 1997, the "16-Day Campaign to Combat Gender-Based Violence" has been continuously organized annually by the NCAV with the financial support of the United Nations Population Fund.

Objectives of the campaign:

  • To demand and advocate for the implementation of the government's duties and commitments regarding the fight against gender-based violence,
  • Increase public awareness and participation in the prevention of gender-based violence,
  • Also, to increase the participation of boys and men in combating gender-based violence,
  • Organized to influence media personnel with gender-sensitive thinking.

Although the 16-day campaign to combat gender-based violence is celebrated every year around the world on ONE DAY, ONE TIME, UNDER ONE MOTTO, each country draws up and organizes a slogan focusing on the MOST IMPORTANT PROBLEMS of its country.

For example, in Mongolia:

  •      1997 Day of Non-Violence
  •      1998 Domestic violence is a crime
  •      2002 Let's create a non-violent culture and customs!
  •      2003 Life Without Violence - Our Right!
  •      2004 Violence against women and girls is a violation of human rights!
  •      2005 If women are healthy, people are healthy
  •      2006 "Respect human rights and respect women's rights!"
  •      2007 Let's fight gender-based violence!
  •      2008 Human Rights for Women - Human Rights for All!
  •      2009 Commit, Implement, Demand!
  •      2010 Girls and women have the right to be safe!
  •      2011-2014 Real Protection - Legal Reform
  •      2015 Only people can put an end to violence
  •      2016-2017 Let's say no to violence!
  •      2018 Positivity is cool
  •      2019 Let's understand and respect!
  •      2020 Right Now! Let's end the violence.

Government, non-government, international organizations, citizens and businesses have joined the campaign to make the society truly friendly and safe for everyone, especially girls and women, expressing their solidarity and working together to create real change.

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First, on December 6, 1989, in Montreal, Canada, a man killed 14 female students studying at Ecole Polytechnique University / engineering school/ for the reason that they should not study a profession that should be studied by men. His actions shocked the nation. Two years later, in 1991, men in Toronto came together and decided to work to end violence against women and started a movement. Within six weeks, 100,000 men in Canada wore white ribbons on their lapels to show their support for the movement. Men involved in this movement called on other men to take responsibility for ending violence against women. In this way, this campaign was born under the name of "White Ribbon Movement" to express their commitment to the holy and just cause to stop violence against women. It has since grown into the largest global movement involving men working against and supporting violence against girls and women. This campaign is organized in more than 80 countries.

World White Ribbon Day is held on November 25 every year.


Since 1997, the "White Ribbon Campaign" has been organized annually in Mongolia by the NCAV.

In 1997, under the slogan "Our unity against violence", the night light demonstration "Not Fear of Darkness" was organized for the first time in Mongolia.

Some of the activities organized within the campaign are:

A photo exhibition was organized "You can create a peaceful existence as a man".

A "Open letter" campaign demanding legal protection was sent to decision-makers.

In 2008, Men's created a public-facing short adverts to unite against violence and promoted it widely on TV and outdoor screens.

This campaign is expanding year by year, and the range of participants is expanding with the participation of representatives of different sectors.


By increasing the participation of boys and men in combating gender-based violence, increasing public awareness and participation in preventing violence through them.

Why is this campaign organized internationally and in Mongolia?

  • Gender-based violence is a serious violation of human rights.
  • Our family, work, school and society should be a safe environment for living and learning.
  • Family violence has a negative effect on the cognitive and psychological state of young children, so we aim to understand and achieve healthy relationships in children's views and development.
  • Everyone's involvement is important in ending violence.
  • It is important to create a friendly legal environment for victim protection.
  • Domestic and child abuse is associated with many forms of harassment, emotional abuse, and forced marriage.


  • He respects human rights, sees violence as not a possibility, and has a sincere desire to contribute his voice and participation to eliminate this problem.
  • Adhere to the principles of human rights, gender equality, justice, and non-discrimination in all activities.
  • Any activity should be consistent with the campaign's purpose.
  • Focus on community participation and support.
  • Do not engage in any for-profit activities in the name of the campaign.
  • Ensure security, privacy and confidentiality when sharing information and cases about victims of gender-based violence during the campaign.
  • If you receive or discover information about gender-based violence during the campaign, please contact the relevant experts and professional organizations as soon as possible.

Anyone who does not tolerate violence can join the White Ribbon Campaign in accordance with the above principles.

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